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Concert review: Lumas Winds, BMC Concerts, Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall, 5 January 2024

Well I thought I would pen some thoughts on the concert; a musical takeaway if you like.

  1. Lumas Winds are an outstanding quintet of players, both technically and musically. Each piece in this concert was played with care to detail and full of insight.

  2. Mozart rules in Hot City, OK

  3. Composer David Matthews is seriously underrated. The performance of his Three Woodwind Studies was a real treat. One of these, A Study for Sam (solo clarinet) was a WP. It was beautifully written, and beautifully played by Rennie Sutherland.

  4. Sally Beamish's The Naming of Birds was an original set of character pieces where each of the five short movements had solos musically depicting the bird of the title eg partridge = horn (first movement). I thought the ensemble and soloists were terrific, the pieces superbly written and the live bird recordings somewhat naff.

  5. Not for the first time I found Ms Beamish's music impressive rather than warm or memorable.

  6. Elizabeth Maconchy is not an outstanding female composer, she is an outstanding composer. Full stop.

Lumas Winds: Beth Stone (flute) Chris Vettraino (oboe) Johan Stone (French horn) Flo Plane (bassoon) Rennie Sutherland (clarinet)

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